The development of multimedia interactive content involved faculty members, faculty assistants, Marsabit students and technical staff from KENET and Kenyan Universities. The capacity building therefore targeted these groups and major focus was creating capacity for instructional content development and deployment on the ODL template and the E-learning platform.

In 2009 a total of twenty two were trained on the development of interactive and multimedia content.

During the five day workshop, lecturers we trained on:
1. Developing pedagogically correct ODL materials which required the participants to learn how to use the ODL template.
2. Using various applications that that will be of use in content development including applications that work with images, illustrations, audio and videos
3. Skills to publish their developed content to an appropriate learning management system (LMS) like moodle using web 2.0 technologies.

The second training was held between 23rd and 27th February, 2009. The instructional design consultant facilitated technical training workshop which also involved the provision of ODL technical training materials for trainee instructional designers.

As part of the capacity building, the students were also trained on basic computer skills and how to use the laptops and materials loaded on them. The training for the first group of twenty five students was done at Kenyatta University, where the students were also accommodated during the period of the training. The final training for a final group of twelve students under the project was done at the Centre in Marsabit on the month of August, 2011. Materials and facilities (Video camera, stationer and other facilities) used in all the trainings and in the subsequent content development were procured and paid for.