As part of project component, KENET trained fifty two lecturers on development of interactive multimedia content which was deployed by loading on the student laptops and the e-learning platform. Between April and July 2009, KENET bought six high end computers with capacity for video editing. In order to facilitate incorporation of audio and video, a high end camera was also bought during the capacity building stage (instructional design building workshops). It was later used in development of learning materials.

The lecturers were provided with various resources during materials Development. In the first and second phase, fifteen lecturers were issued with Laptops similar to the ones used by the thirty seven students but they had a higher capacity in terms of speed and memory.

The materials were deployed to the students by loading them in the laptops issued to students.

KENET (As part of the material deployment also set up a site and an e learning platform A server was installed at KENET offices in Nairobi, for hosting the Marsabit materials for remote access by the lecturers and the students . The Materials developed were converted to the ODL template and then uploaded to the e-learning platform.

In the last phase of the project, KENET engineers visited the Marsabit open learning center to design and set up the computer lab.